100mm Thermalite Blocks

Thermalite Shield combines all the benefits of Thermalite aircrete blocks with very high moisture resistance.

100mm Quinn Blocks

The Quinn Lite Standard block combines optimum levels of thermal performance, strength and density to make it suitable for almost all on site applications, including party wall construction.


100mm Dense Blocks

Fenlite Background Aggregate Blocks are medium density blocks suitable for use in the majority of standard applications both above and below ground.
Their performance makes them suitable for general load bearing, sound insulation, internal partitions and where ease of handling is important.


100mm Thermalite High Strengh 7

Thermalite Hi-Strength 7 has been specifically developed for structural applications where loading conditions require greater strength, such as flats of three storeys and above, offices, supermarkets and retail parks.


215mm Thermalite Aircrete Party Wall Block

Thermalite Party Wall combines all of the benefits of Thermalite aircrete blocks with very high levels of noise reduction. Its performance makes it particularly suitable for separating walls between buildings where good sound insulation is required.

300mm Thermalite Aircrete Trenchblock Tongue and Groove

Thermalite Trenchblock Tongue and Groove is an alternative to the construction of cavity walls with concrete infill, engineering bricks or heavy aggregate blocks for foundations. It is available as Hi-Strength Trenchblock (with compressive strength of 7.3N/mm2) and with tongue and groove joints and handholds for easy handling.